It is necessary for the overseas export of garden plant, bonsais to carry various inspection and huge trees in a healthy state to the port.
I go over to many divergences on a condition for inspection, quarantine inspection, and the flow is not simple at all.
In addition, it is necessary to satisfy the quarantine inspection demand of your country and the quarantine inspection condition of a garden plant, the bonsai is in particular generally severe and is set.
The corporation cokind garden sends a garden plant, a bonsai of to your country under any condition by the longtime experience and results safely.

We have a lot of know-how of the export!

We which started export business ahead of other companies have know-how of the export a garden plant eminent Japan in Sosa-shi, Chiba of the bonsai production center. I handled many items and came in response to an inspection condition and a demand over many divergences so far.

Even if I am strong in the transportation of a garden plant and the bonsai and am a very huge garden plant, I transport double several by tractor-trailer and Unic car, the Rafter crane which there is. I take an order of the transplant of the huge tree in the country and have the experience that undertook all the collection of cargo, the transportation, the transplant.

About the export to the foreign countries

Flow until export

Inspection content before export of garden plant, bonsais

An inspection condition varies according to an export country.

When I export it to Korea

・A pine, a Japanese larch, the straight plant of the Himalayan cedar are export embargoes
・After import, the young plant having a fruit tree and a fruit needs an examination of isolation
・The soil
 →Can export it; material is peat moss, here Pete, moss, the bark, vermiculite, an unused thing of the perlites
 →When I use it for night clothes, as for the upbringing material, plant quarantine is necessary for both when I export material itself.

When I export it to China

・Pine, soil, sand, clay and Pete are import bans
・As for all plants, part of the plant, it is acquired the prior import licence
・The thing without the import results needs pest degree of risk analysis

When I export it to Hong Kong

・Tea, the plant of the citrus fruit are import bans
・There not being adhesion of soil, sand, clay and Pete
・I acquire an import permit before export, and meet a listed condition

When I export it to the United States of America

・The export to the United States of America needs the attachment of the following condition and the plant quarantine certificate by the government office of the country.
・Remove all cultivation substrates before shipment including the soil
・It was cultivated under conditions of follows
 ①It is cultivated in a greenhouse of the young plant garden registered with the government office of the cultivation country or net room for at least two years
 ②A net less than 1.6mm being hung in all ventilation and opening in the cultivated greenhouse of the bonsai or net room
 ③The bonsai is cultivated with a sterilized culture substrate for at least two years
 ④Being put on shelves more than 50cm above the ground of a greenhouse of the registration HO ground or the net room
 ⑤There is the quarantine inspection pest which the United States establishes by a plant protection engine once in 12 months or inspects the registration HO ground.
・A pine, the Japanese larch are import bans
・Before import, I acquire the import licence which an American plant quarantine engine publishes

When I export it to EU

・For at least two years, I cultivate it in public registered bonsai garden, and manage it
・Being put on cultivating it with a bowl put on the shelves more than 50cm in height during a cultivation period, the concrete floor.
・Guarantee that there is not adhesion of rust disease of non-outbreak in Europe
・The inspection of at least six times a year of plant protection place being conducted, and there not being parasitism, the adhesion of the harmful animals and plants
・The cultivation soil not having the harmful animals and plants
・Take any of the following measures before export
  ①The removal of the cultivation soil
  ②I transplant it in the cultivation soil which it is eliminated, and sterilized the cultivation soil
  ③I carry out appropriate sterilization and list it in a quarantine certificate
・Mention to a seal and the quarantine certificate to the bonsai which passed export quarantine inspection
・It does not conflict with an individual rule applied to every plant
・Each bonsai produces a mark to know upbringing garden and plantation annual.
・The bonsai allows you to tell during until export.

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